Edmonds New Construction

This is a new construction residence in Edmonds WA. Greatest couple building their forever home in a very difficult slopped lot. Bryce was very innovative in the way he use our equipment to cut the lot into 3 sections instead of making the footings way deeper and a taller retaining wall in the back. it gave the client what they wanted without the extra 100k price tag on the foundation. We had Randy Munson dothe architectural drawings and all interiors were designed by ER properties (Daniela). Every single item selected in this home was personally selected with our help and the clients vision. Our clients took the time to go shopping several Fridays to be able to select everything prior to construction starting. this is imperative if you want a fixed cost contract.

We excelled in quality of design and craftsmanship! We had the opportunity to design an unexpected outdoor space that made our customers thrilled. This home is a true statement of if you think it we build it!