A Kitchen that Thrills You!

No other room in your home is as essential to your daily life as your kitchen. From your first cup of coffee to that bedtime snack, the kitchen is a nexus for every member of the family to refuel or share in a conversation. Remodeling your kitchen is an opportunity to modernize and customize this vital room to complement your lifestyle in countless ways.

A custom kitchen will make your life more comfortable, your lifestyle more modern, and add considerable value to your home. Your new kitchen will make meal preparation easier and more fun! And when friends gather, your kitchen will be the center of attention! Are you ready to begin your kitchen redesign?

ER Properties is Western Washington’s Custom Kitchen Contractor of Choice

A successful kitchen remodel hinges on understanding how design and construction work in tandem to create a space that is visually appealing while enhancing the user’s daily life. Your family has a unique routine, much of which is likely spent in the kitchen. We help you realize your perfect kitchen by implementing our proven, proprietary “TruER Design Process™”. This step-by-step process assures attentiveness to your lifestyle so that we can build to your specific needs.

Kitchen Remodeling Design Made Easy

Our TruER Design Process™ was developed to ensure that every detail in your plan is accounted for. As we work within your budget, we’ll handle all in-house design work, provide you with presentation boards to help you make better choices, and ensure that you have a hands-on role throughout the entire process.

The cost of your kitchen remodel will ultimately come down to choices you make during this process. Some factors to consider when developing a budget include:

  • Kitchen layout
  • Choice of fixtures
  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Appliances
  • Flooring
  • Aesthetic preferences

Vice President of Design and Operations, Daniela Russel, has an extensive professional background in design and architecture. Her real-world experience will help you make design selections that translate into construction choices that are both practical and useful. The design phase of every kitchen remodeling job is exciting, and it’s your opportunity to focus on the finer details that turn a house into a home.

Many customers are unsure of what they want, so we make our expertise available to help guide you through the design process. A comprehensive interview begins our journey, and helps us narrow down kitchen features that will benefit your lifestyle. If you have special needs or require aging-in-place improvements, we have the skills you need to ensure seamless integration.

Helping You Through the Kitchen Remodeling Construction Phase

Remodeling your kitchen will have a direct impact on your daily life. Minimizing the impact on your lifestyle is one of our highest priorities, so we seek to anticipate challenges ahead of time to minimize hassle and inconvenience.

Preparation is paramount, so we make sure everything is in place before demolition begins. On some jobs, we’ve created a makeshift “kitchen” in another part of the home where family members can make their morning coffee or enjoy a meal. Individual contractors will also be scheduled to maximize efficiency, prevent costly down time, and ensure the integrity of the construction timeline. At every step, we’ll do our best to reduce traffic, noise, mess, and inconvenience.

Throughout this phase, you will be kept informed of developments and obstacles. ER Properties President, Bryce Tingley, maintains constant oversight on every remodeling job, so if you have questions or concerns, we can answer them without delay. You can rest assured, you’ll be heard and respected throughout the process.

Sometimes issues arise during remodeling jobs that require your input or attention. Through diligent preparation and follow up, we can ensure the job stays on track by eliminating indecision that can cause delays.

Remodeling as an Investment

A custom kitchen remodel is far more than just a vanity project, because your investment can add significant value to your home. This means that you can indulge in a higher quality lifestyle while increasing your home’s resale value. A new kitchen can add up to 30% or more value to your home.

This is increasingly important in the Seattle area, because quality affordable homes are becoming more difficult to find. It’s often more appealing for homeowners to remodel an existing home than it is to go through the hassle of trying to find and buy a new home.

As a full service contractor, ER Properties can remodel your entire home, create additions, or even add an entire floor if that is your preference.

Creating the perfect custom kitchen starts when you contact us for a cost-free evaluation. Contact us today to start the process of creating a kitchen that you will love!