ER Properties Bathroom Remodeling

A Bathroom that Makes You Feel Relaxed and Refreshed!

Your bathroom is one of the most well-used rooms in your home. It’s a place of respite and rejuvenation. Maximizing your bathroom’s ability to provide personal comfort is the primary goal of remodeling, and it starts by understanding how modernizing the space will complement your lifestyle.

A custom bathroom will improve your lifestyle and add value to your home. Your new bath can be customized with fixtures and features that allow you to indulge, relax, and pamper yourself in countless ways. Are you ready to begin your bathroom redesign?

ER Properties is Western Washington’s Custom Bathroom Contractor of Choice

Successfully remodeling your bathroom starts with a keen understanding of how design and construction work together to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Your daily routine is unique, and much of it is centered around your bathroom. We help you bring your ideas to life with our proprietary “TruER Design Process™.” This proven, step-by-step process takes your daily routine into account so that we can create a bathroom that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Bathroom Remodeling Design Made Easy

We created our “TruER Design Process™” to ensure every detail of your bathroom redesign plan is accounted for. Not only does this process help us narrow down details that help create the perfect space, it also ensures that we stay within your budget. Your bathroom redesign guru will provide you with presentation board to help you choose design elements most suited to your tastes. It also ensures that you take a hands-on role in every phase of the remodeling project.

How much will your bathroom remodeling job cost? This will ultimately come down to the choices you make, such as whether demolition is necessary to expand the size of the bathroom. Other factors that influence remodeling costs include:

  • Bathroom layout
  • Choice of fixtures
  • Cabinetry
  • Shower, bath, or bathtub Jacuzzi choices
  • Flooring
  • In-floor heating

Vice President of Design and Operations, Daniela Russel, boasts an impressive resume’ in both design and architecture. Her real-world experience will help you transform your ideas into something workable and tangible. You will enjoy the design phase of your bathroom remodel because it’s your chance to express personal creativity within one of the most important spaces in your home.

If you’re not exactly sure what you want, that’s okay too! Our knowledge, expertise, and experience will be at your disposal to guide you through the design process. We start every bathroom remodel with a comprehensive personal interview. This is your chance to express your ideas so that we can work together to decide on features that enhance your lifestyle. If you have any special bathroom needs or require aging-in-place improvements, we will seamlessly incorporate them into the design.

We Will Help You Navigate the Bathroom Remodeling Construction Phase

Remodeling any room in your home will directly impact your life. Most homes have more than one bathroom, which minimizes the inconvenience, but we strive to anticipate any challenges ahead of time to reduce the impact to your daily life.

Preparation is essential, so we make sure that everything is in place before starting demolition. We also coordinate and schedule all contractors to maximize project efficiency, eliminate costly down-time, and ensure the construction timeline is strictly maintained. We also do everything possible to minimize your stress by reducing traffic and noise while you are at home.

As the project advances, we will keep you informed of developments and any unforeseen obstacles that arise. ER Properties President, Bryce Tingley, oversees every bathroom remodeling job personally, so if you have questions or concerns we can answer them without delay. Throughout the process, you will be heard and respected.

If issues arise that require your input or attention, our diligent preparation will prevent the project from going off track. Indecision often causes delays, which is why we endeavor to fully prepare for every contingency before the job begins.

Remodeling Your Bathroom is a Wise Investment

Studies indicate that you can recoup up to 68% of your bathroom remodeling costs when you sell your home. This means that a bathroom redesign is far more than a vanity project because it adds real value to your home. So, you don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying a Jacuzzi tub every day when you know that your daily enjoyment of the feature is increasing the market price of your house.

In the Seattle area, this is especially important because quality affordable homes are becoming a rare commodity. For most homeowners it makes more sense to remodel an existing home than it does to buy a new one.

ER Properties is a full service contractor that can remodel your entire home, create new additions, or even design a build another floor onto an existing structure.

Creating your perfect custom bathroom starts by contacting us today for a free cost-evaluation.