Turning Your Custom Dream Home into a Reality

What does your dream home look like? How does it feel to walk through the living room, relax in your bedroom, or enjoy a shower in your bathroom? Building a custom home is one of life’s most rewarding achievements, and it starts with an inspired vision.

Turning your dream home into a reality requires a skilled, experienced builder who understands how design is brought to life via construction. Are you ready to make your dream home real?

ER Properties – From Design to Construction, We Can Do It All

The process of designing and building a custom home may seem daunting, or even overwhelming, but like any other process it simply requires preparation and dedication. The design and construction phases of any home are two symbiotic parts that make up the greater whole. At ER Properties, our approach to the building process is unique in the industry because we have the knowledge and experience needed to fully realize both essential phases.

We use our creativity, professionalism, and skill to design, develop, and build a home that fulfills your expectations. Our design experience will help you turn your custom home ideas into something workable. Our general contracting experience will ensure that your home is built to exacting standards. The end result is a dream home made real, built with true craftsmanship to ensure beauty, reliability, and functionality.

Your custom home design will benefit from our past experience. Our expertise will help you save money. Our diligent preparation before construction begins will ensure that your project runs smoothly. Are you ready to get started?

Your Custom Home Design Phase

Every custom home construction job starts with a comprehensive interview where you help us develop an image of your perfect dream home. What will your home look like? How do you envision your daily life? What are the features inside and outside of the home that will complement your lifestyle?

Sometimes getting started is the most challenging aspect of new home construction, so we developed our TruER Design Process to help you navigate the design process from start to finish. This proven process ensures that your design meets your expectations, and helps us determine the lead time required to begin construction.

If you’re already working with an architect, we are happy to collaborate with them to fully realize your design and turn it into a reality. In fact, we welcome collaborations with architects and other industry professionals, as we are eager to expand our own design knowledge.

If you’re in need of a custom home design, Vice President of Design and Operations, Daniela Russel, can help you realize your ideas by designing a home up to 4,000 square feet in size. Daniela will also ensure that all preparations are made, materials are in place, and contractors are ready before construction begins. He efficient, cost-effective approach to design will save you money and ensure timeliness.

If you have any questions or concerns about your custom home design, Daniela is your go-to professional and always available to help.

Your Custom Home Construction Phase

When everything, and everyone, is in place, it’s time to break ground on your new custom home. As a small, family owned and operated general contracting business, we have a more personalized approach to the construction phase. As with many other small business owners, we learned to make the most of our resources and unique skill-sets to save ourselves, and our clients, both time and money.

We handle all site excavation, and all of the finishing work, on every custom home we build. This means that we provide your new home with a solid start by creating a real foundation, and when the work is done, we put the cherry on top.

Company Owner and President, Bryce Tingley has more than 25 years of real-world construction experience. His extensive background and innate talent handling excavation will save you a considerable amount of money because the work doesn’t have to be contracted out. Bryce is capable of visualizing a construction site before excavation takes place, saving you even more money while ensure your new home is the best it can be.

When working with contractors curing the construction phase, our expectations are high and they know what we expect. So do our highly-trained employees, who are all skilled professionals that care about the final product.

Let’s Work Together to Develop a Timeline

Throughout the design and construction phases of your new home, your voice will be heard and valued. After your cost-free consultation, we will guide you through every decision by making our vast network of resources available.

Want to Build Green? We Know How to Make it Happen

Building green may not be cheap, but it is becoming more popular in Western Washington. If you want to incorporate green building options into all of or part of your home, we are more than happy to work with you by sourcing materials and using modern construction techniques that follow these guidelines.

Expecting the Unexpected and Overcoming Obstacles

Even though our TruER Design Process™ virtually eliminates the risk of unforeseen problems derailing a project, sometimes issues arise that must be addressed. First and foremost, the owners of ER Properties are always available to you when you have questions or concerns. As family people, we advocate for family people. We understand that you shouldn’t have to worry about your custom home’s progress, so you always have our ear.

We do everything we can to plan for the unexpected, and by being present during the construction phase, we are available to meet challenges when they arise. This dedication to timeliness prevents cost overruns, eliminates unnecessary messes, and keeps our schedule on point.

Imagine Your First Steps into Your New Custom Home

Take a moment to imagine your first time walking through the front door of your dream home. Are you ready to get started? If so, contact our office today for a cost-free consultation and let us help you create a home that you love.