Barclay Court Home

House built in 2004 – Home of the year in 2005. Triplex home with two studios Airbnb on the bottom. Architects was Mohler & Ghillino architects.

House was sold in 2017 and new owner wanted a new carport for his Lamborghini. ER Properties came back and worked with Mohler and Ghillino to make their vision a reality. The engineering and structural of this project had to meet Mohler and Ghillino aesthetics standards as it would be all exposed. Our client wanted something cool and not your average build. His vision combined with Mohler and Ghillino made this project a stand alone one of a kind carport. We at ER Properties met all standards and delivered a one of a kind product! Glass roof and a never built before garage door – custom to the back alley slope – made the difference on this delivery! All gates are custom fabricated and welded on site.

This project doesn’t lack engineering, technology and style!